[Lync] Random helpful tip

Hello everyone,

This weeks I had a special issue (and a solution) I wanted to share with you all.

The issue:

An employee was going to have a meeting with clients. Those clients had recently installed Lync in their premises.

Whenever the clients tried to click the meeting link in their calendars their Lync would open but the meeting would not start.
They got different errors. Obviously there is nothing I could do on their firewall to allow them to join.

Even when I had them closing their Lync client, when they would click on the meeting link it would reopen it and have the same issue.

So I had them copying the link in the meeting request and past it in the browser: same problem.

The solution:

I asked them to copy the meeting link, past in in the browser and had them add this on the end of the meeting link: “?sl=” (without the “”)

This little ?sl=  will make sure the client check is bypassed. It will open a meeting window in the browser

The client then could use the option to join the meeting via web browser and it worked like a charm.

PS: Web App users do not have VoIP or Webcam Video Capability. Participants must connect to audio using Dial-in number
But you can share your slides.


Published vrijdag 8 juni 2012 15:00 by Benjamin-Pierre
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