maandag 9 januari 2012 1:04 Tom Decaluwé

Win8 file copy

I have been playing with win8 server and client for a while now and one of the nice new features that has not got much attention is the new detailed file copy interface.

As many of you know and have read SMB 2.2 is being introduced in win8 and it realy does make a big difference. But apart from a new protocol we are also seeing a new interface being introduced.

When doing a standard copy you get a clear % wise indication fo progress and the new posibility to PAUSE a file copy while in transit.


when you click More Details yo get a nice view of the current transfer speed on the line and a graph illustrating the speed over time. This will certainly help troubleshoot, identify slow copy processes or visualise some demo’s.


PAUSE is great new enhancement. How often has a file transfer slowed down your laptop when transferring a big file and at the same time someone asks you to quickly do something. Now you can just pause the file copy, do the quick thing you need to do and pickup where you left off.