woensdag 28 maart 2012 0:41 Tom Decaluwé

some more win8 experience

Well I have been working with win8 fore some time now and it’s doing alright.

I do however have some negative feedback. I’m the type of user that does a lot of multitasking and to optimize on this I need a lot of desktop real estate. So very often you will find me working on dual and more monitor setups. I love my multi monitor setups, the just make working on multiple tasks much easier and faster.

With win8 however multi-monitor is supported as you can see, however the metro-app interface was clearly made to work single monitor. The Metro interface always shows on the primary display leaving the secondary to the desktop.

You can not drag and drop metro apps to the second desktop. If you start clicking on apps that are running on the second desktop you can work on it but the primary display does not go to the desktop. Now this can be good or bad but I would have preferred some extra multi monitor flexibility.

This situation is not all bad but when you are use to swapping monitors a lot you will have to take into account that metro apps are not as movable as standard windows apps.

What I have found is I’m using more of the classic apps now than I would have hoped because of this but the moment I’m on single mobile monitor with my laptop I use the metro apps.