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Remove "DOMAIN\" from Exchange 2007 OWA Form based authentication

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Hello readers,

This post will tell you how to remove the "DOMAIN\" string from the Exchange 2007 OWA FBA page. (for an explanation how this worked in Exchange 2003, check this link:

1) Open up Powershell on your EX2007 box acting as CAS-server in your organization

2) Enter the following command

Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity "owa (default web site)" -LogonFormat username -DefaultDomain INTERNALDOMAINNAME (eg.pdtit.local)

3) Enter "IISRESET /NOFORCE" in the Powershell box to restart the IIS Services


After this modification, the DOMAIN\-string has been removed from the OWA page. (and automatically for all languages):




Posted mrt 08 2008, 03:51 by Peter De Tender


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on 04-25-2008 19:57

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