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Exchange 2007 and the autodiscover mistery - part 2

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Hi again,

In a previous post, I explained how your internal proxy server could block the correct working of Autodiscover on your Outlook 2007. (Specifying your internal Exchange URL under the bypass settings solves the issue), I'm back with some more Autodiscover mistery to be exposed.

After suffering at a lot of customers for quite some time now with the Autodiscover settings on Exchange 2007, I finally found the solution. As always, I'm happy sharing my input with my readers.

Situation: customer using single-named SSL certificate only. (created internally or using an official external one doesn't matter here).

In short, the following rules of thumb are valid to make the autodiscover work:

a) make sure all Exchange WebServices related internalURL and external URL are referring to the common name of the SSL-certificate

b) if your internal AD-DNS zone (eg. pdtit.local) differs from your external FQDN (, create a new zone on your internal DNS-server for this external zone; in this zone, create a new SRV record with the following entries:

service name : _autodiscover

port : 443

referring server : (external SSL-name of the exchange server) eg.

c) if you are using a proxy server internally, make sure the Exchange Server URL (eg. is configured in the bypass settings.

After all settings are configured as such, the autodiscover should work. You can test this by clicking Ctrl-Shift-Rightclick on your Outlook icon in the taskbar after Outlook has started and selecting "test-email autoconfiguration"

You can also test by forcing a download of the Offline Address book (Tools / Send Receive / Address Book); where you previously received an error like 0XC8004005, you will see it will work correctly this time.

Feel free to ask more questions if needed; I'll try to post a complete how-to-guide during the weekend if I have some more time.


Posted mei 28 2008, 05:09 by Peter De Tender


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