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Win2008 – Exchange 2007 move to new hardware – Final Part 5

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In this 5th and final post of this series, we will remove the “old Exchange 2007” server from our network, leaving only the new installed one as operational.

If all previous steps (Parts 1-4) are completed, you can continue with the procedure as described below:

a) Remove Exchange Server software files from the server

b) Move Offline Address Book

c) Move Outgoing SMTP Connector

d) DONE !!

Remove Exchange Server software files

The first step is removing the Exchange Server program in the correct way; fortunately, Microsoft made it possible to remove the components using the standard Add/Remove Programs console.


Clicking “Remove” will start the Exchange setup wizard


Clear the checkboxes for the Exchange Server roles you want to be removed; in this scenario, clear all rules.



You can also de-select the Management Tools Role, which will deinstall the ESM from the server.

After the Next-button, 2 error messages will come up:

a) We need to rehome the Offline Address Book

b) We need to re-configure the outgoing SMTP connector


Rehome Offline Address Book

Goto Organization Configuration / Mailbox / Offline Address Book


Select the Default Offline Address Book, and choose the “Move” operation in the Actions pane on the right

This will start the Move OAB wizard





Reconfigure Outgoing SMTP Connector

Goto Organization Configuration / Hub Transport / Send Connectors


Select the Outgoing SMTP MAIL connector / Properties

Remove the old server from the list (in our case PDTSRV1)



Finalize Exchange Server application removal procedure

Go back to the Exchange Setup window, and click the Retry Button


If all goes well, all flags should be green in the Readiness Check phase


Click the Uninstall button, and off we go !!


The full removal process could take somewhere between 20-45 minutes, do not interrupt this process, as this might screw up your entire Exchange Organization configuration.


The initial Exchange Server 2007 has been removed completely from our network, and the migration process towards the new Exchange 2007 server has been finished.

I hope this series of posts was interesting for all of you; feel free to leave your comments or questions, I will be happy to help you out with your issues.



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