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Server Manager console - Overview - Windows Server blog by Kurt Roggen [BE]
woensdag 4 juli 2007 23:41 Kurt Roggen

Server Manager console - Overview

Server Manager console is a new Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in which provides a consolidated view of the server, including information about server configuration, status of installed server roles (such as File, Print, Web, DNS, DHCP, AD DS, AD FS, WDS, etc...), windows features (such as failover clustering, Bitlocker, GPMC, PowerShell, NLB, RSAT, SNMP, etc...) and commands for adding and removing roles and features.

While adding and removing server roles and features is not new, Server Manager unifies the functionality of multiple earlier tools in a single, simple, MMC-based user interface.  Server Manager provides a single point of access to management snap-ins for all installed roles.

Roles and features installed by using Server Manager are secure by default. Administrators need not run the Security Configuration Wizard following role installation or removal unless they want to change default settings.

The hierarchy pane of the Server Manager console contains expandable nodes administrators can use to go directly to consoles for managing specific roles, troubleshooting tools, or backup and disaster recovery options.

Earlier versions of Windows Server required you to use Configure Your Server, Manage Your Server, or Add or Remove Windows Components to add or remove server roles or other software.  Dependency checks were limited and Add or Remove Windows Components limited administrators to the installation of only one role at a time. Before you could add more roles, installation of each role had to complete.

The Server Manager is a collection of wizards allowing you to add, remove, or augment multiple roles in a single session.  It is possible to have your server completely ready for deployment at the completion of a single session in one of the Server Manager wizards. 
Role configurations are configured with recommended security settings by default; there is no requirement to run the Security Configuration Wizard following role or feature installation unless it is necessary to modify security defaults.

 For more information: Windows Server TechCenter

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