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Getting started with Windows Server 2008 - Windows Server blog by Kurt Roggen [BE]
vrijdag 20 juli 2007 21:54 Kurt Roggen

Getting started with Windows Server 2008

Do you need to evaluate, plan, deploy, maintain, or support Windows Server 2008 in the near future??
These links will help you get started with Windows Server 2008.




Connect with Community



Windows Server 2008 Technical Library

Need to learn more about what’s new for key Windows Server 2008 technologies and where to get additional information? These links to the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library will provide you with introductory and technical overviews and other resources.

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# Windows Server 2008 blogposts from the Belgian IT Pro community

donderdag 2 augustus 2007 5:15 by [MSFT-BE] Arlindo's Blog - IT Pro Evangelist

Here is a list of what some of our Belgian IT Pro Bloggers are saying/blogging about Windows Server 2008.

# Get Windows Server 2008 now

dinsdag 7 augustus 2007 17:18 by The things that are better left unspoken

It is possible to obtain Windows Server 2008 through various public channels. Some channels are more

# Free MSPress e-Book on Windows Server 2008

dinsdag 9 oktober 2007 13:04 by Kurt Roggen [BE]

As I mentioned already some time ago in " Getting ready for Windows Server 2008 ", now available