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Windows Server Performance Team & Windows Server 2008 - Windows Server blog by Kurt Roggen [BE]
maandag 11 februari 2008 7:35 Kurt Roggen

Windows Server Performance Team & Windows Server 2008


"It's February 1, 2008.  Only twenty-six more days until Windows Server 2008 is released to the world.  With that in mind, we have twenty-six posts lined up between now and February 27 covering areas of Windows Server 2008 that contain both general information as well as specific posts that are relevant to what we support here on the Performance team."

So far, they have posted:

  1. WS2008: Upgrade Paths, Resource Limits & Registry Values
  2. WS2008: Startup Processes and Delayed Automatic Start
  3. WS2008: Windows Service Hardening
  4. WS2008: Service Shutdown and Crash Handling
  5. WS2008: Windows Error Reporting
  6. WS2008: Dynamic Link Library Loader and Address Space Load Randomization
  7. WS2008: Memory Management, Dynamic Kernel Addressing, Memory Priorities and I/O Handling
  8. WS2008: The Print Services Role
  9. WS2008: Understanding XML Paper Specification (XPS)
  10. WS2008: Client-side Rendering

And the story continues... Keep looking at the Ask the Performane Team Blog

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