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Managing Windows Server 2008 R2 using PowerShell - Windows Server blog by Kurt Roggen [BE]
woensdag 26 mei 2010 23:57 Kurt Roggen

Managing Windows Server 2008 R2 using PowerShell

In PowerShell v1 we used snapins to add functionality. These were dependant on the supplier creating an installer package so that the dll was registered correctly – otherwise its a manual job.  PowerShell v2 introduced modules in which “libraries” of functions or dlls with cmdlets could be loaded.

Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with several PowerShell modules, allowing you to already manage most Server Roles and Features using PowerShell.
PowerShell is very straightforward/consistent and self-discoverable.  With some of these basic commands, you will find any cmdlets out there…

To get a list of available PS modules, use the cmdlet Get-Module.

PS:\> Get-Module –ListAvailable


To use a module, use the cmdlet Import-Module

PS:\> Import-Module ActiveDirectory

To get the cmdlets imported from a module, use the Get-Command cmdlet with the –Module parameter

PS:\> Get-Command –Module ActiveDirectory


PS:\> Get-Command –Module ActiveDirectory –verb Get

PS:\> Get-Command –Module ActiveDirectory –noun ADuser
PS:\> Get-Command –Module ActiveDirectory –noun AD*


Here’s a list of available PS modules:

Server Role/Server Feature Module Name PS Noun Keyword # Cmdlets
Server Manager import-Module ServerManager WindowsFeature* 3
Active Directory Domain Services import-module ActiveDirectory AD* 76
Active Directory Rights Mgmt Services (RMS) import-module ADRMS ADRMS* 3
Failover Clusters import-module FailoverClusters Cluster* 69
Network Load Balanced (NLB) Clusters import-module NetworkLoadBalancingClusters NLB* 35
AppLocker import-module AppLocker AppLocker* 5
Group Policies/Preferences import-module GroupPolicy GP* 25
Remote Desktop Services import-module RemoteDesktopServices   3
Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 Import-Module WebAdministration Web* 74
Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) Import-Module BestPractices BPA* 4
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) import-module BitsTransfer BITS* 8
Windows Troubleshooting Wizards import-module TroubleshootingPack   2
PowerShell Diagnostics import-module PSDiagnostics   10

Here’s a list of available PS Snapins:

Windows Server Backup (WSB) add-PSSnapin Windows.Serverbackup
Windows Server Migration Tools (SMIG) add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Windows.ServerManager.Migration


Other PS libraries/modules available are

Hyper-V (codeplex) – see previous post
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