Source Code for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 is available for download

The source code for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 is available for download by customers and partners who want to make modifications, enhancements, or bug fixes to MDT’s components. The source code is provided separately from MDT 2008, which contains all guidance, scripts, and tools. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 is the recommended process and toolset to automate desktop and server deployment.
The MDT source code is not designed to be used as a stand-alone component because it contains only the source files not included in the MDT release.
The source code file will install into a separate directory and will not overwrite the original source to permit inspection of the differences and avoid disturbing any customer modifications to the original source code.
This source code is being provided as is, with no support, and it can be used as specified in the included license terms. It is current as of the March 2008 release of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008. However, development is continuing on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and future design changes likely will require anything from reintegration to complete reengineering of the customizations made to the source code.
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