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06 augustus 2007
IT-Talks - The Sharepoint Session : September 8th mark your agenda !
Tom Vandaele and yours truly will be presenting the upcomming session for Belgian usergroup IT-Talks . IT-Talks is a usergroup that works with an unique concept of being a lanparty for IT-PRO's. Everybody brings a pc and will be connected to the network. Tom and I allready did some preparation and... Read More...
07 april 2007
First Post
Hi ya'll, This is my first post on this blog, so maybe a little introduction is needed. Personalia : My name is Bart Bultinck, currently aged 30 but this changes every year, living in Deinze - Belgium. My Career Path : I have been working in IT since '99. First for a company called Dolmen Computer... Read More...